Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pew Internet Report | Teens + Social Media

Pew Internet released another excellent research report today on teens and their use of social media. Findings include:

-39 percent of online teens share their own artistic creations online such as
artwork, photos stories, or videos
-33 percent of online teens create or work on webpages or blogs for others,
including friends, groups they belong to or school assignments
-28 percent of online teens have created their own blog, up from 19% in 2004,
and almost completely driven by the popularity of blogging among girls
-27 percent of online teens maintain their own webpage
-26 percent of online teens remix content they find online into their own

Other high level take-aways: girls are more active than boys in social media, except for posting video online; and content creation is not only about creating, it's about "participating in conversations fueled by that content."

Finally, and this is not surprising, the report points out how uncool email is, with only 22 percent of respondents saying they email their friends daily. So how do they connect? Cell phones are at the top of the list, followed by texting and then instant messaging. Really, email is so 90s.

Thanks Pew for your great research!

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  1. Nice research, if you think a bit harder - that shows what future has for us in social media, and those teens are going to grow up pretty fast :)