Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flash: now trackable!

Last night, Adobe acquired web tracking company Omniture for $1.8 billion. Interesting indeed.

Flash, one of Adobe's key products, is a tough sell for user experience and web development folks, since it's not trackable and it's often not searchable. But to creatives, especially traditional creatives, Flash is a darling because it offers a dynamic experience and is more like TV than the Web.

Adobe senior vice president for corporate development Paul Weiskopf was quoted on as saying, "companies like online marketers and advertising agencies, and Web publishers and e-commerce firms, will be able to streamline the process of creating and delivering content."

One could argue with that. Flash is still flawed in developing large scale sites and Flash devs usually completely ignore user experience issues. But for microsites and display ads the tracking abilities enabled via Omniture will certainly be a plus.

What's more, the acquisition positions Adobe even stronger against Microsoft and its Silverlight technology which has tried to take on Flash.

Remember those rumors a few years back about Microsoft buying Adobe? It will be interesting to see how this acquisition further fuels or quells that chatter. Interesting indeed.


  1. Flash is trackable! We've been tracking it for years. So have others, it just takes a bit of extra elbow grease. Granted I'm sure increasing its trackability will be in its future even more so now. ;)

    The acquisition is intriguing, but my first thought wasn't around what that meant for Flash. The commentary seems to be more around Omniture now having access to deep pockets, which could get interesting given how diverse their product offering has become in recent years. There are lots of possibilities on where their development will now go. Also, Adobe will be getting 3 data centers (cloud computing maybe?) and loads of Omniture customer data. The speculation is all over the place!

    In any case it's pretty wild, will probably be a bit 'til we see what the synergies are between the two here.