Sunday, July 18, 2010

My new blog: Family Friendly Seattle

I just launched a new blog called Family Friendly Seattle. It's a place to empower the parent and care giver community in the Seattle area to patronize establishments that welcome families.

If you're reading this blog you may or may not be interested in this specific subject, but my guess is that you are interested in social media. Family Friendly Seattle was started in the spirit of giving everyone a voice. And it was started for less than $30 and about 10 minutes of effort to set up.

Anyone can do it, and that's exactly the point!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Women addicted to Facebook? Or mainstream media just sexist?

I've been reading a lot today about a new study about young women's behavior on Facebook by Lightspeed Research, on behalf of the Oxygen Media Insights Group. I have yet to find the actual research report online so I can't comment on it, but it supposedly says that women are self-proclaimed Facebook addicts. And wow, the press has taken that and run with it, using it as an excuse to put down female behavior on Facebook overall.

The articles I have seen today, all written my men, show a distinct lack of understanding of how people in general use social networks. Women have always been more enthusiastic consumers of social networks—or at least ones where personal connections can be made and two-way conversations can occur. Yes, Twitter has a larger male audience but it's also about being listened to rather than conversing, a behavior more aligned with males.

I personally have conducted global research regarding social media and have found this to be true. In addition, the research I have done with young people show that males tend to use the Internet to meet (one can interpet that as "hit on") young women, whereas women do not generally conduct this behavior. So whose behavior is right here?

In summary, the coverage I have read today is sexist. If you're in the mainstream press, I'd suggest learning more about how people actually use the web before you make sexist judgements.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Take Social Back: A Call To Action

User Experience professionals have been reluctant to play in the social media space — so we have no one but ourselves to blame when we see it being misused. What’s our problem? I have my theories. Read my full article on the MIX blog.