Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Post Modern Reality: Connecting in a Deconstructed World

I am delighted to be speaking at Seattle Interactive Conference this year.  There are some great people speaking and the interactive community is fantastic.  If you're interested in attending, there's still time to register for Seattle Interactive.
Oh, and here's a description of my talk:
The Post Modern Reality: Connecting in a Deconstructed World
You’re constantly on multiple screens! Work-life balance has turned into work-life blending! No one knows how to spell anymore! Could these we signs of the apocalypse? We think not. Rather than suggesting impending doom, these new ways of living are signs that we have entered a post-modern era.  The challenge is that we are resistant to letting go of old norms. Join Laura Porto Stockwell to learn how communication technologies have shaped the way we think about time, space and community over the past 4,000 years; gain insights into how to design for a post-modern world and see how these approaches have been applied to help organizations move boldly into the future.

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