Thursday, November 1, 2012

Design Principles for a Postmodern World

I had the honor of speaking at the Seattle Interactive conference this week.  It was a great event and I recommend it for anyone in the technology industry (or thinking of making the switch over). 

As part of my talk I suggested a number of design principles for the postmodern world, which I wanted to share here.  These are simply thought starters.  I would love your feedback and ideas.

Sensational Awareness
  • Don’t be afraid of human experiences.
  • Allow for sensational data input—especially emotional data.
  • Integrate sensational data with quantitative data for deeper context and connections.

Asynchronous Synergy
  • Assume a social world.
  • Design for chronous and/or kairos, as appropriate.
  • Looks for deconstructed ways to sync. 

Inherent Learning
  • Think about a world beyond classification.
  • Enable unique realizations and learning (both user and system) through pattern recognition.
  • Look for data everywhere—from people and from things.

Oh and if you'd like to see my deck, you can find it here.

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