Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tori And Candace's Super Bowl Twitter Takeover

This evening, my family, self declared non-sports fans, is watching the Super Bowl.  It's actually a pretty great game, at least from the perspective of a Seattle-ite. 

I've also been following the game on IFC's Portlandia Twitter feed which has been taken over by the fictional characters Tori and Candace who own the feminist bookstore Women & Women First. If you're not familiar with the sketch, I strongly recommend watching this compilation. It's hilarious.

This use of Twitter is brilliant. It hits on all of the makers for a good content marketing strategy (meaningful, social, findable and measurable).  But it's also smart for a number of additional reasons.
  1. It's unexpected.
    We've seen fictional characters with their own Twitter feed before.  With 1.4 million followers, the Mars Rover is a particularly popular example.  But the women of Women & Women First are the opposite of your typical football fan.  To place them in a position to cover the Super Bowl is creative, clever and unexpected in a very fun way.
  2. It's targeted.
    Not everyone loves football. And I wouldn't be surprised if Portlandia viewers (or potential viewers) could be counted among those ranks. It wouldn't be difficult to size this potential audience.  But regardless of size, there is a definite and defined target that Portlandia appears to be trying to reach.
  3. It's relevant.
    The Twitter takeover is relevant on a number of levels.  First, it's relevant to one of the biggest annual media events. Second, it's relevant regionally (Portland is just three hours form Seattle) and finally, the season 4 premiere of Portlandia just so happens to be just three weeks away.
  4. It gets it.Twitter is a publishing platform. The more followers one has, the better the ability to reach that audience.  If @IFCPortlandia can increase its following through this campaign, then it can better message fans and potential fans, especially in the build up to the season premiere.  In addition, as TV still earns its keep through media buys which are based on the size of the viewing audience, this campaign make good business sense.  More TV views equals more financial worth and more Twitter followers increase IFC's ability to potentially build its audience. Additionally, this campaign gives IFC a great excuse to constantly message that audience in a short period of time.
They're doing a pretty job of it.  I do wish they would change their Twitter profile picture to Tori and Candace.  (It's currently Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein which kind of breaks character.)  A few videos would also be nice.  I'm sure they could have produced a few short canned skits to work in. 

In any case, if you can break away from the next commercial (assuming it's not David Beckham in his underwear) I'd suggest checking it out.

Go Hawks!

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